How To Clear History

How to clear history

Clearing history on your computer browser or even your mobile devise is very important and vital, it could get tricky from device to device. I will give you a breakdown on how to do so on every browser and device you will need help on.

Clearing Chrome History

Computer- Click on the Chrome menu bar on the top right of browser or click on History on the top middle of browser and clear history. Chrome also allows you to clear specific items that you want to delete.

Chrome mobile device- Open Chrome menu and click history then clear history.

With Chrome you can always go Incognito in which this does not keep history of your browser.

Clearing Iphone Safari History

Go to your settings app and click Safari, Then scroll down and click on clear history and cookies.

Safari browser- Click the history button which is located on the top middle of the browser, click and clear.

Internet explorer

Delete history by tapping the favorites button and then tap the History tab, you can either choose by date or mostly visited, then you can select which ever you choose to delete, or clear all history as well.

Clearing History can vary from device to device, From computers to mobile, it is fairly easy to delete history, it is usually located on the top of the browser or on mobile it is usually in the settings tab. I hope that this helped you out.

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